Latest News!

Party Lights

2/17/18 - Rob Gassie prepares the deck with some mood lighting. Warmer weather is coming......

Home Brewed Antenna

3/10/2018- Logan and Dad, put up a custom J-Pole antenna on the new Kinsale Marine Electronics shop. A perfectly tuned antenna soldered by Logan himself!

The Comforts of Home!

12/14/17- Rhon, Sue and Vaughn relax in the new furnishings donated by Sue and Rob. Just a normal day for Vaughn...LOL

Better than a doctors waiting room and much more relaxed, come soak up some knowledge in the new study.

Holiday Pot Luck

12/2/17 - A great feast was had at the Pot Luck; thanks to all the members that came and for those who did not, please make the next one. 

The Fixins were tasty!

Full bellies and smiling faces!

Outside Dining at it's finest.

10/22/17 - A big shout out to Vaughn and Rob for the new outdoor table(s) from recycled material. Or as they like to refer to it as the B.A.T! Knowing those two the acronym becomes obvious.......

11/04/17 - Resident Construction Supervisor Vaughn, testing out the handy work of their newest table addition.

I smell wonderful Coffee on the horizon.

11/05/17 - Kimberly tackles some deep cleaning behind the future............

Coffee bar?

Floor Painted

11/24/17- Vaughn made quick work giving the floor a much needed coat of paint. Notice: Here Logan plans his Chess strategy.